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Olight AAA 1.5V Lithium Battery (Pack of 4)



  • Disposable batteries: plug and play. Non-rechargeable.
    • High capacity: Lithium/bisulfide (LFS2) electrode materials provide twice the capacity of common alkaline batteries.
    • Direct compatibility: it has a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and open circuit voltage of 1.65-1.8v. They are good replacements for traditional disposable alkaline zinc-    manganese dioxide and carbon batteries which are currently widely used on the market.
    • Long shelf life: up to 10 years under tightly sealed conditions
    • Eco-friendly: no added harmful elements such as mercury, cadmium or lead
    • Temperature adaptability: Working range: -40 ° C to 60 ° C, higher performance than that of other disposable batteries
    • Heavy duty capacity: provide continuous discharging current of 2A or above with flat discharging curve
    • Light weight: about 60% of the weight of alkaline batteries and 50% of NiMh batteries with the same size

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