Zebra 12cm Stainless Steel Billy Pot and Pan


  • INCLUDES: Genuine Zebra Loop Handle Pot + Extra (double boiler) inner pan + 2 Firebox (pat pend) Spring Tempered Stainless Steel Two Function Handle Clips (search YouTube: “Bomb Proof Billy Can”)
  • LOCKING BAIL HANDLE – These Zebra Loop Handle Pots are equipped with our (pat pend) stainless steel handle clips which allow you to manually lock the handle in the upright position to keep it out of the campfire heat and for easy pouring (when the handle is locked upright the pot lid is unencumbered, free to be easily removed or replaced)
  • LOCKING LID – Our stainless steel clips also serve to keep the lid in place when the handle is in the upright position for stowing provisions inside or to allow horizontal baking!
  • MOST VERSATILE DESIGN – The lid fits both the pot and the inner pan. The lid will also work both upside down and right side up. These features allow stacking the parts in different configurations & combinations. The multiple functions of our handle clips have added even more versatility to this already amazing pot system.

Dimensions inside the main pot:
Height: 4.75″  (12 cm)
Diameter: 4.75″  (12 cm)
Weight: 1 lb 3 oz  (540 g)
Capacity: 1.5 qt  (1420 mL) 

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